What kind of writer would I be?

If I didn’t make up excuses for not consistently updating my blog. Some faithful readers might recall that last fall I launched the ill-fated “Fir & Main” blog on the VC Reporter Web site. While I quickly launched the blog with a piece about the murder of Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey, and was able to post some other items about content in our newspaper, it quickly got away from me. By the time I was able to recombobulate myself, we ran into a slew of problems with our blog host at the time. In the ensuing months, other priorities took hold, the Reporter’s staff changed over a bit, and life was, well, life.

Now I’m back, and hopefully eventually I’ll be better than ever. This site is pretty barebones now, and I’m not quite sure where I’ll take it, but it will certainly grow and evolve. I happen to encounter a lot of fascinating subjects in my travels through this world, many of which I’m sure I’ll want to share.

Happy reading.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the blogs of Reporter Arts Editor Matt Singer at moletracks.wordpress.com or that of Staff Writer Hannah Guzik at palindromereporter.wordpress.com.


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