Anna’s Linens

What is up with Anna’s Linens?

Seriously. It’s a late Friday night and for some reason I have the local TV news station on. We’ll just set aside for a moment how completely inane broadcast journalism (if you can call it that) is. Instead, I just have to ask. What’s the story with Anna’s Linen’s commercials. Why are they dubbed? It’s creepy. Creepy I say. Invariably in these commercials two domesticish women wander around a house, be it a bedroom or a master bath or a living room, discussing upholstery and bedding. The central theme is generally how discounted said products are from department store prices. Anyhow, apparently Anna’s is chronically inable to hire actresses capable of performing speaking parts on commercials, because each commercial always has a discussion between the women that clearly is not happening on camera.

What’s the deal? It’s really driving me nuts. In 2008, is it really that cost prohibitive to dub in dialogue for an advertisement over the onscreen shills? Or is Anna’s just incredibly unlucky, hiring actresses who simply can’t speak on camera over and over and over again?

This has got to stop. It’s occupying entirely too much of my thought. And of course, that is not my fault whatsoever. No. not at all.


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