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Happy Birthday Dad!

I haven’t posted to this blog in months because I’m no longer covering news, politics and culture in Ventura.

Today, however, would have been my father’s 80th birthday. Edward L. Lascher was a prominent, deeply-respected and well-loved appellate attorney in Ventura, California (he previously practiced law in Van Nuys and briefly in Indiana). A Chicago native, Dad was an excellent writer as well. Part of my passion for journalism is certainly an inheritance from a man who penned the beloved Lascher at Large column in the California Bar Journal and later the Los Angeles Daily Journal, not to mention untold amounts of legal writing and even a novel. For a more detailed biography of him and for copies of old Lascher at Large columns you can visit the Web site of Lascher & Lascher, the law firm my father founded at which he met my mother, Wendy Lascher, an equally tremendous individual who continues to practice appellate law.

I’m always a bit disappointed I haven’t had the opportunity to share my own growth as a writer or as a man with my father, who passed away in 1991, but I certainly do enjoy the personal memories he left me with, as well as the legacy remaining in his legal and other writing.

Today I’m also wondering what he, as a Chicago native and passionate historian, would be thinking about the long-awaited moment approaching in Washington D.C. tomorrow.

I will soon be moving the content of this blog to another site, and launching a new reporting and commentary page. In honor of my father, it will be dubbed Lascher at Large. Please check back here for pointers to the new site soon. I’ll be working hard to get the word out, and if I know you personally you’ll probably get some other word on the transition.