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Meanwhile, back in our galaxy

Alright, alright, yes, I am probably blogger No. 234,807,097,921 to link to this video today. But come on. How can you not resist The Empire Strikes Barack.



The perils of municipal meetings

One of the newest videos circulating around the Internet is this one of a fracas during a Carson city council meeting.

Many people criticize the bickering at city council meetings throughout our fair county, but at least none of our local disputes have reached this level of immaturity. Then again, the bop on the head and the faked injury depicted in this video are indicative, symbolic perhaps, of the behavior deployed in letters to the editor, comment periods, negotiations and workshops far too often. The constructed — and poorly acted — reaction of the aggrieved (if anyone can honestly call it that) party in this video certainly evoke some of the paranoid rhetoric of certain players in local politics in Ventura County, indeed, of players from all sides of the issues.

Anyhow, it’s quite funny.